API Development


Development of an API is an integral part of any modern application development.

An application programming interface (API) is a method (or bridge) that connects two or more solutions, allowing data to be shared regardless of the platform or underlying technology.

We have experience developing custom API implementations for web and mobile apps – providing a secure, REST-based interface to integrate the web or mobile apps with the underlying framework and database.

Expanding on a platform

As well as developing first-party web APIs, we have experience integrating external, third party solutions into new or existing projects.

The most simple example is an integration with the Twitter API to fetch, cache and display a businesses recent tweets. Often a more complex integration is required, whether for authentication, data exchange or features like payment and billing integration.

Most recently, we have used the Fitbit API to allow users of World Walking and Big Team Challenge to connect with their Fitbit profile, providing real time syncing of their tracker’s steps and avoiding repetitive or manual entry.