World Walking

A global initiative to get walking.

One of our longest-standing clients, World Walking started in 2011 as a small exercise group to help elderly patients with heart disease. Papertank designed and developed a website and app to help track their progress in an engaging and motivational way, and the platform has evolved and grown into a global initiative to get people up and active.



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World Walking’s website and iPhone app provide a simple, free, and fun way to keep fit. Individual participants and walking groups are encouraged to track their steps as they walk (either with a pedometer or via GPS on the iPhone app), and their accumulated steps are mapped to famous walks around the world. A daily walk to and from work adds up to Route 66 or the Great Wall of China, and users can stay motivated by seeing their progress plotted in a different context.
We built the World Walking website on top of a bespoke platform which allowed us to provide the mapping, individual user, group, and walk functionalities as well as powering the iPhone app via an API. World Walking is a perfect example of a rewarding relationship with a client whose passion for their work is reflected in every aspect of the product’s presentation and usability.