Trivia Night

Bringing a trivia game to your Apple TV.

Trivia Night is a joint project in collaboration with Michael Park of Turing Limited. We had a concept that would put a new spin on the classic trivia game genre, and the 2015 launch of the new Apple TV motivated us to bring our idea to life. Adapting the classic trivia game format for TV and app play presented a fun and rewarding challenge, as the game had to be straightforward and user-friendly while remaining stylish and unique to stand out in the game app market. With a developer’s version of the Apple TV hardware, we created an interactive trivia game that allows users to join and play with any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and their Apple TV. Having fun with design and development is important to us, and after the success we’ve seen with Trivia Night we’re already planning updates and more game features.



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