Glasgow University Booklet

Reimaginging & Performing Data

A 60 page perfectly bound book collecting a series of fascinating research pieces by various contributors. Collated and edited by Dr Diane G. Scott of Glasgow University.

At Papertank, our days are usually spent designing and developing digital spaces, where layouts are fluid and technology dictates everything. So when a project comes along that requires going back to the basics of paper and ink, we always relish the opportunity. Working with the University of Glasgow was a wonderful opportunity and allowed us to flex those typographical muscles that sometimes get forgotten.


The Outcome

As with most academic content, the material was text heavy and came with fairly minimal imagery to help keep focus on the messages in the research. However, over sixty pages of content, this can risk becoming monotonous, with each new chapter blending into the next. This is what led us to decide to put in the extra effort to create a piece of graphic art as a header for each new section of the book. Pulling on the the theme of ‘reimagining data’ we used a variety of methods of rearranging, obscuring and transforming the chapter titles to create something bold and visually distinctive to bring weight to the content.

What came out of this process is not only a book that we’re incredibly happy with, but one that stands out beautifully on any academic’s shelf.



Printed by Ripe Digital.

Perfect Bound

60 pages, full colour.

GF SMith / Mohawk Perfect White