Birmingham Course Online

The Birmingham Course

Research and development of an online tuition portal

Birmingham Course have been pioneers when it comes to online tuition and course revision within psychiatry. When we were first approached we could immediately see the solid foundations of the business that we could help build upon. It was our pleasure to help design and develop a whole set of new features and revenue generation for the business.



Working closely with the team at Birmingham Course, we sat down and planned out the new system architecture and how best to utilise the user’s time. Beginning with the front-end, we stripped back superfluous content, removed unnecessary steps and simplified the structure. Phase two of the development saw a complete redevelopment of the customer login system and user account dashboard. This required extensive prototyping, user testing and refinement to get a smooth flow through the revision work space, allowing users to jump in and out of multiple categorised topics, participate in timed exams and track their progress in each individual subject.


  • E-commerce Functionality
  • User logins and personalised dashboards
  • Individual revision categories
  • Progress tracker
  • Optional timed revision